Yesterday a friend said something that struck me as amazing:  “I was surprised to find my relationship with my mother didn’t end when she died.  In fact, it continued to grow for years after. Actually, our relationship is much better now than when she was alive.”

This is not something I had ever considered.  In fact, it kind of goes against my basic assumptions about the Rules of Everything:  Death is the end, and at least you have closure, right?

And of course, her statement taps into some fears I have about what will happen to me if my mom dies while I’m still angry with her.

How strange it is to have someone say something that tilts my world view, letting all these new possibilities spill out!  And how goosebumpy to hear it as something she only mentioned in passing, as she was talking to someone else, not knowing anything about what’s going on with me.

Anyone else had the experience my friend was talking about?  If so, would you mind telling me about it?  Thanks!