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  1. Yes!! I feel like I’ve found a new best friend and I need to go meet him/her for wine slushees…

  2. Sam & Caroline,

    I loved the comment because it clarified for me what the meme implies (to me, anyway): feel guilty now, feel regret later.

    Who keeps defining motherhood as a series of ambivalent and inescapable events in which you never get to feel satisfaction? Fuck that, let me do my job and feel good about it!

  3. I swear…. sometimes it seems like people don’t ever WANT that for women. When was the last time you ever picked up on THAT message, “…let me do my job and feel good about it!”

    I’m thinking, pretty much, never!

    Especially when it comes to motherhood. No matter what you choose, you’re doing it wrong.

  4. I’m going to go out on a very strong limb (it’s a giant sycamore actually) and say: yeah, no one ever wants mothers to feel good about themselves. Child been screaming for 12 hours and finally fell asleep on you (after you held them for 12 hours) and you really really just want to shower/pee? WHY AREN’T YOU CHERISHING THIS MOMENT? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

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