Baby J Takes Requests

Here is baby J in some of the items with which commentors suggested he be photographed. May I present:

omgwtfbbq baby J?!

Greased Jesus Christ on a popsicle stick! And also on a cupcake!

Yeah. That little coat he is wearing is a butter wrapper to signify the greasy goodness of baby J. Although the back of that ensemble is kind of worse than having a ‘kick me’ sign the way it got folded:

Baby J and the butt butter wrap

(See the Jayster’s ‘butt’ there? Me too.)

Baby J and I feel our only regrets thus far are not being able to procure a tiny crutch or miniscule pogo stick to add to the picture as was recommended by some brilliant commentors.

Because if we had? Holy Greasy Jumping Jesus Christ on a Popsicle Cupcake Crutch! We would totally have a picture of what everyone should say if they ever hit their thumb with a hammer in the exact moment of hearing the news that Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant and also, the dog farted a really nasty egg fart when you started cursing.

15 Replies to “Baby J Takes Requests”

  1. Oh Anne, we’re peeing our pants here in Chicago…..

    since the “Jayster” is now taking requests, perhaps you should show his Tuscon sighting?

    He only has a couple of days left! Can’t wait to see what’s next.


  2. My MIL always says “Oh, Jesus wept.” Like in instances when something is difficult.

    Have you caught Baby J crying lately?

  3. Thank you so very much for this. 😆

    We definitely need to see Christ on a Cracker. As Babity said, it is a classic. Please!

    Could we make him a crutch out of toothpicks? Christ on a Crutch is a MUST. Pretty, please.

    A few other ideas:
    BabyJ seeing the light
    BabyJ tap dancing
    BabyJ on a raft
    Jumping BabyJ
    BabyJ on the Rooftop

    😆 I think I’m enjoying this way too much, don’t you think? Thanks again.

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