Was inspired by Mom texting Dad’s photo.  Because I bet  pictures are a pretty accessible way for Dad to communicate, right?  Probably worth a whole lot more than a thousand words to a guy who has trouble talking.

So when I had to rush off the phone a few mornings ago (hair appointment) I figured I might as well try it out. Ended up CC’ing my sisters, too, because that photo is too great not to share, amirite?  Flock of Seagulls got nothin’ on me.

PS: Here’s my face.  Ten years later and we finally meet!  Glad I have no make-up on or understanding of how to photoshop myself into non-ghoul status.  I always dreamed it’d go down this way.

Anyway, message:




But then this happened:






You guys, I’ve never actually called her Little to her face as 1) she has a damn cool name by birth, and 2) this blog is anonymous, so presumably she doesn’t read it.  But have been sending her snippets of the story I’m working on about Dad, in which I use some blog content.

Up until this text, she hadn’t told me one way or another if she approved of what I’d written.  In fact, total radio silence, which was hella unnerving.  You know that kind of unnerving where half of the torture is telling yourself not to be so neurotic and just chill?  And the other half is being totally neurotic and checking your email a thousand times a day, until it seems like you are drawing spam into your account by the simple act of calling out to The Universe SEND ME SOMETHING PLEASE.   I’m talking cocaine in your coffee levels of anxiety.

No, I suspect you all are probably cooler than this.  But if you ever need info on penis enlargers and discount batteries, you know which freak to call.

And so this!  LITTLE!   Am so bowled over with strange glee.  Feels like my real life and my Anne life are finally coming together, like I’m becoming a real person in both places.  This is now my official favorite text sequence ever.