On this anonymous journal, I put on my Underoos, magic cape, and become Anne Nahm. I write about anything I’m too embarrassed to say in real life.

If I get all sweaty and twitchy when I consider blogging something, I try to post it as quickly as possible. Is this good common sense? Of course not. If I get outed, am I totally effed? Probably.

Is it fun? The most.

Anyway, here are some other things about me:

*I am in my early 40’s
*I am currently the mother of a 14 year old, 11 year old, and 8 year old (assuming you are reading this around April 2017).
*I have been with my husband since I was 19 and he was 21, married since 2000.
*I spent my 20s working very hard to establish myself in a very somber and serious career. Which I totally bailed on once I got pregnant.
*Most people who know me would never buy for a second that I had a secret blog in which I make an ass out of myself.
*My entire life previous to this blog was based on a desire not to make an ass out of myself, so this is kind of new. And fun.

In late 2011, I began blogging about my dad’s struggle (or really, my struggle in dealing with) my dad’s  dementia.   That story begins HERE, and can be followed under the ‘Dad’ category tag.

In 2012-13,  I cut ties with two relatives (The Exes).  It was the right choice, but my family of origin has somewhat self-destructed under the turmoil of that decision.  I blog about the fallout quite a bit.  It’s exactly as lighthearted as you’d expect!

In 2013, I won the most amazing dream job, which I don’t discuss here except to call it The Cool Thing.

In 2015 (I think? Thereabouts) I wrote a smutty thriller, DarkWeb on Wattpad, which hit #1 in Mystery/Thriller, and lots of people liked, and was excerpted by Cosmopolitan.com.