New face!

Check-check-checkitouuuuut!*  Do you like the new theme, ooh so compatible with your phone, etc.? I gotta say,  I feel like I lost weight and the waiter winked at me.
For your viewing pleasure, from the local Cornstalker Royal Court, a freaking six foot raven pushing a baby pram. 
I got up close and asked if Sansa ends up on the Iron Throne (She’s gotta, right?) but the thing only cawed, “NO SPOILERS!”
Restocking your nightmare inventory?**  Well, here are the king and queen, choke-chaining a pet toad.   It’s hard to tell with my weak ass photography, but these suckers are made of hay, they have faces, and they are taller than that building back there.  Enjoy!
(insert joke about croaking here, I just can’t.)
PS:  The only thing I don’t like about this new theme is it’s not clear how to leave comments.  A-hem!  Just click the post’s title, it should get you there.  Like a secret password.  A veritable Hogwarts of WordPress , complete with secret sections sliding out from behind each post.
*I’ll reference the hot shit outa that spelling abomination in my first sentence (Although if you didn’t get it, you gotta hand over your ’00’s card, sorrynotsorry):

**Kidding!  These things are creative works of awesome genius!

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