Baby J Gets Sat

One of the dolls from the playroom offered to baby-sit J while I snuck out for some last minute shopping.  She broke out the belly raspberries and ticklemonsters and they both laughed until they nearly fell off the table.  Then she said ‘like’ and ‘totally’ and ‘please’ waaaay more times than she needed to emphasize how rad it would be to take care of the little guy.

At first,  I wasn’t so sure.  I mean, I’m not J’s mother, so it kind of seemed like a pseudo-human sublet situation, involving a tiny wooden spiritual icon instead of a summer house in Maui.  But he assured me he was cool with it.

When I got back, they were playing hide and seek.  And now Aunt Edna will get rainbow socks instead of a card.  Everybody wins!